Sunday, February 25

Panel – ‘Advocating for science in contemporary states of authoritarianism’ @4S 2019 New Orleans

Open Panel Call for Papers  September 4-7, 2019 | 

Advocating for Science in Contemporary States of Authoritarianism

STS IstanbuLab, Research Platform Authoritarian regimes and political practices have been on the rise in many countries of the world in the last decade. The relationship of this new wave of authoritarianism and science has been particularly tense, with the emergence of “post-truth” politics, rejection of scientific knowledge and authority where it is not compatible with the projects of the regime, and oppression of scientists and academics who are in opposition to the politics of the authoritarian states. There has also been resistance and discussions of how to engage with these political shifts, among scientists, activists, activist scientists, and the general public who are concerned about the situation. In this environment, we believe that it is vital to discuss how to advocate for science while also critically examine it, as STS scholars. 

Thus, for this panel, we, as STS IstanbuLab, invite papers discussing different aspects of the relationship between authoritarianism and science(s):  What forms of scientific practice get supported under authoritarian regimes?  How do we discuss the relationships between authoritarianism and science through past and present examples? What methodological innovations would STS bring in understanding and challenging authoritarian governance of science?  How do we approach the complex and multiple relationships between political power and technoscientific practices taking shape in contemporary states of authoritarianism? 

Following the discussions of last year’s 4S conference, we especially encourage transnational participation, since we also believe this is an issue where focusing on similarities and differences beyond national borders, and non-Western STS scholarship and experiences, are particularly meaningful.  

Deadline: February 1, 2019Submissions